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Happy Independance Day! [Jul. 4th, 2007|01:11 pm]
Happy Independance Day to all the American people!

Still 10 days remaining before our French national day ;)
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Mess [Feb. 15th, 2007|11:28 am]
That's a mess.
I don't know what to think, things are going fast.
We are hearing about Finland, France, China...and others I can't tell you because it's professional secret.
I don't know where I'm going to live in a few years...
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Sudden News [Jan. 12th, 2007|06:35 am]

I got sudden news in my job.
A guy is leaving, he had one of the most important part of the project, and I'm the one who will take back this part.

The consequences:
I've traveled to Germany yesterday and I'll do about each two months. I'm going to travel in France too. Maybe (the guy who is leaving told me: certainly) I'm going to leave in Finland in the end of 2008 or begenning of 2009.
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Own appartement [Dec. 19th, 2006|11:19 am]
I'm looking to become an appartement owner.
I'm fed up with throwing 600€ away each month (about $700) to rent that single room appartement.

When you rent you throw money away and when you payback a debt because you bought an appartment, well sure you give some to the bank but you still own some...well actually the walls around you become yours month after month...

But it is expensive. When you're close to subway it's even more expensive but it's nice being close to subway...
Well I've recently discovered that "in construction" appartement are cheaper.

For a little 2 rooms appartement (betwenen 30 and 40 square meters) I must pay between 160 000€ and 200 000€ (between $190.000 and $240.000). That's expensive :(

So well I'll try to become an owner at the begining of 2008. That's risky, I must balance income and expense but I'm sure I can do it!
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Paris [Nov. 22nd, 2006|10:56 am]
I have moved to Paris.
I'm not in the center of the city but in the suburbs at north west just behind the "Seine".
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Moving and moving... [Oct. 21st, 2006|07:37 pm]
I had to give back my student appartment in September as I was no more student. I'm living in what they call a young workers house. Well it's not that nice but I just have to tell a week before leaving. Moreover they provide food, they clean the room... Well it's nice for a temporary place to live. I beging my job for AREVA NP in november, the 20th so I'll come there a bit before (not that much beafore because I end my contract here in november, the 17th). I don't have internet in that young workers house (I'm at my parents for the week end) that's why I don't write and read you all that much. But I'll suscribe to internet when I'll be in Paris.
As I told, I'll begin my job in Paris the 20th, my birthday is the 25th, the first week end in Paris... Well I know just one person in Paris so maybe I'll try to have a drink with her that day.

Well, I updated my profile. I've already written that I live in Paris even if it's only in one month and I've already updated my age to 23 even if it's in one month too.
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Job [Sep. 29th, 2006|09:04 pm]
I already had a contract to work till November but now I have another contract, a job without limited time.
In November I'm going to work for AREVA, I'm going to be part of the team which build nuclear reactors. In summer 2007 I'm going to travel several time in Finland and later why not in the USA as the USA seem to start again with nuclear.
I told you, I'm coming...it's going to take longer than I though but I'm coming ;)
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Interview [Sep. 22nd, 2006|06:26 pm]
My 6th and 7th interview since I had my diploma (1st of july 2006) are booked ;D
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News [Sep. 17th, 2006|10:31 am]
So let me give you news.

My internship has ended this week and my boss gave me a 2 month contract so I'm going to have a real job during 2 month.

I must give back my appartement at the end of the month as this appartement is only for students and I'm no more. I'm going to leave in some kind of structure for young working people.

I have 2 interviews which seem to have been real good but I'm still waiting for answers and I have another interview next week.

If I have to choose between all the jobs I had an interview for I'd choose the one for AREVA NP in Paris. This job consists in managing firms which work for AREVA building the new reactor in Finland and after 2 or 3 years going abroad to get another position (I have no information about this position yet).

I'll see how it's going on but life is a bit hard for the moment. I hope in one or two month it will be better.
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Interviews [Aug. 4th, 2006|06:32 am]
I had my second Interview yesterday.
Well let's summarize all this.

First Interview: for EDF (French electricity provider, biggest French industry). In the east of France. I've been selected as priority 2 for the second Interview (3 guys in priority 1, 2 on priority 2 and I don't how many after).

Second Interview: still for EDF but in the South east this time. The recruiter really enjoyed the Interview and told me some interesting things like "If you have questions about the job you'll ask them at the plant" but to be sure to go at the plant for the second Interview you must be in first priority. And then he told me "your profil is going to be of a high interest for EDF" well it means what it means. So I'm so kind of very excited today, a good job in a great industry in a sunny place. What else could I ask? I'll see if the second Interview is as good as the first...

Third Interview: Incoming. Septembre, 7th. For AREVA NP (previously Framatome ANP). AREVA NP is implanted in France, Germany and the USA (so you maybe know it). They build nuclear power plant. It's once again a very big firm. The job is related with the new generation plant which they are building in Finland.
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